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The vampire diaries enters its final season with more romance and adventure than ever before. The vampire diaries, an american supernatural drama, was renewed for an eighth and final. The vampire diaries, an american supernatural drama, was renewed for an eighth and final season by the cw on march 11, 2016. In episode 16, a character sacrificed as we were revealed to you in our criticism. Nina dobrev to return for vampire diaries series finale variety. Who got a happy ending in the vampire diaries finale. Enzo convinces caroline to join him as he tracks down a lead to get damon and bonnie back, but caroline is shocked when they make an unexpected detour and uncover what stefan has been up to. Nina dobrev, who played elena for six seasons on the cws. At school, he meets a handsome stefan salvator a vampire in which he falls in love. In the season 8 finale, which was the series finale for the. Although the cw drama arguably peaked in season 3 thanks to the addicting charisma and complicated family dynamics. Elena looks just like from years ago the love of damon and stefan katherine pierce.

But its elena who realizes somethings wrong she and bonnies. However the shows producers, julie plec and kevin williamson, felt that it wasnt the direction they wanted to. I loved that the final shot was of stefan and damon together. On january 26, 2017, it was announced that nina dobrev would return as elena gilbert in the series finale. Much of tonights finale had to be spent dealing with the rest of this season s plot instead of the goodbye. You guys, the vampire diaries season 7 is almost here and fans everywhere have one question. The vampire diaries is getting closer to its end, and elena gilbert, who was played by nina dobrev during the first six seasons of the series, is still very much a part of the drama even if. The vampire diaries kicks off its last season on friday, oct. Its the one question you cant escape when discussing the vampire diaries who should elena be with, stefan or damon. Nina dobrev returning to vampire diaries elena will be. Vampire diaries fans will indeed be seeing elena gilbert one last time. Elena gilbert returns for the shows final hour, just in time to say goodbye to someone she loves. Last season, our heroes rebuilt their world without elena, and complicated relationships began.

In the books, elena was blonde, popular, selfish and a mean girl. Everyones favorite devil katherine nina dobrev returned for one final attempt at wreaking havoc on mystic falls, but bonnie kat graham finally. As for the final scene, the vampire diaries got it exactly right. Dobrev would later reunite with her former cast in the season 8 finale, which aired in march. Things got off to a rocky start on screen, of course, due to stefans identity as a vampire and his. The vampire diaries says a final, emotional goodbye. Nina dobrev will be back on the vampire diaries, and it could happen sooner rather than later. The vampire diaries sinks its teeth into its final season with more highstakes romance, adventure and drama than ever before.

Knowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of damon, elena turns to alaric to help her move on with her life. The third season consisted of 22 episodes and focused on the story of klaus origin, his relation with his family and reveal more about the original family. Elena gilbert was a central character on the vampire diaries for a large portion of the series run until actress nina dobrev left the show at the end of season 6. The vampire diaries, a onehour american supernatural drama, was renewed for a seventh season by the cw on january 11, 2015, and premiered on october 8, 2015. Even if nina dobrev doesnt return to film new scenes, vampire diaries fans will be getting a whole lot of elena as the cw drama barrels towards its march 10 series finale and you have sybi.

In japan, the fourth season was released in a special collection, including bonuses not available elsewhere. The final scene of episode 16 of season 8 of the vampire diaries was a bit confusing, kevin williamson explains the future of the characters. Reutersdanny moloshok the cws supernatural drama the vampire diaries is already on its final season, and fans are anticipating the grand comeback of elena nina dobrev on the show. The vampire diaries finale 8x16 elena wakes up, delena reunite. The vampire diaries series finale deaths hollywood. In the season three finale, she became a vampire despite never wanting to be. Trapped in adolescent bodies, feuding vampire brothers stefan and damon vie for the affection of captivating teenager elena. As much as the series was about monsters and mayhem and love triangles, as much as elena was important to the show, at its heart it was always a story about two brothers who were tragically, permanently tied to each other via a series of both horrible and wonderful events. Nina dobrev returning to vampire diaries for season 8. The vampire diaries tvd season 8 episode 16 i was feeling epic series finale with the fate of mystic falls at stake, stefan and damon. If stefan and elena had reunited in the series finale, then many aspects of the vampire diaries ending would be different. The vampire diaries creators wanted elena to end up with.

Last season, our heroes rebuilt their world without elena, and stefan paul wesley and caroline candice king began their muchanticipated yet complicated. Communitys was season 4, supernaturals was season 7, and vampire diaries is season 5 despite this not being the worst one. This story contains spoilers from the vampire diaries season six finale. Nina dobrev explains why she exited the vampire diaries. The series tells the story of elena gilbert, an ordinary teenager who lost her parents in a car accident. The vampire diaries will not be lacking in vitamin elena when it kicks off its final season this friday the cw, 87c though the object of damons affection is still catching up on her. The vampire diaries nina dobrev and paul wesley despised. The vampire diaries said its goodbye to elena nina dobrev during thursdays season six finale and it. The vampire diaries hasnt seen the last of elena gilbert. You need to write again and this book came along the vampire diaries that bob levy handed to us through the cw and what i spark to in the show which made it very deep and personal with elena she had just lost her parents and she was like this walking dead person. Elena salvatore nee gilbert was the former main female protagonist of the vampire diaries. I was feeling epic the salvatores battle katherine pierce one final time, and not everyone makes it out alive.

The vampire diaries stars reveal where their characters are headed in season 8 ahead of the friday, october 21, premiere here are six spoilers for the final season. Developed by kevin williamson and julie plec, the supernatural drama was based on l. The vampire diaries season 3 best delena moments duration. However, stefan has brother damon, who unexpectedly appears in the city. In the season three finale, she became a vampire despite never wanting to be one. The season premiered on october 21, 2016 and concluded on march 10, 2017. On march 11, 2016, the cw renewed the vampire diaries for an eighth season, which was confirmed to be the final one on july 2016. The search for damon and enzo will begin in season eight, even though it may be too late.

Executive producer julie plec promised an emotional. In the vampire diaries, set in the fictional town of mystic falls, she is portrayed by nina dobrev. Do not read ahead if you have not watched the series finale of the vampire diaries, which aired on friday, march 10. Last night, the cw broadcast the final episode of season 8 of the vampire diaries.

The vampire diaries final season might be its best ever. Vampire diaries elena linked to bonnie season 6 finale. After that surprising cameo in the season 7 finale, ep julie plec gives fans an update on another. In the final season, stefan battles an evil presence that targets the salvatore clan and possesses damon, jeopardizing his future with elena. In the season 4 premiere, elena awakens on the morning after the accident to find the thing that she dreaded most has come true. Nina dobrev, who plays elena gilbert in the series, basically confirmed her involvement in the shows finale after. After six seasons as the firstbilled lead on the vampire diaries, nina dobrev announced she would be leaving though the show would go on to a seventh season. The series finale of the vampire diaries was both beautiful and heartbreaking as we said goodbye to elena, stefan, damon, and bonnie for the last. What will this series look like without elena gilbert. The vampire diaries cocreator kevin williamson answers all our burning series finale questions. After being nearly destroyed countless times throughout eight seasons of the vampire diaries.

The series finale of the vampire diaries was both beautiful and heartbreaking as we said goodbye to elena, stefan, damon, and bonnie for. The secondlast episode of the vampire diaries, the tale of two wolves, features elijah and hope. Check out our interview with the cast about the final season. In fact, williamson always imagined elena ending up with.

Season 4 is available on dvd and bluray in a as of september 15, 20. The vampire diaries, a onehour american supernatural drama, was officially renewed for a third season by the cw on april 26, 2011, that aired from september 15, 2011, to may 10, 2012. In the beginning, as far as a season of tvd goes, it was pretty average, it was no season 5 in terms of bad quality. Last season, our heroes rebuilt their world without elena, and stefan paul wesley and caroline candice king began their muchanticipated yet complicated relationship. Nina dobrev in talks to join final season by cindy mclennan, august 11, 2016 nina dobrev as elena gilbert on the vampire diaries tv series. Stefan discovers that the foul presence from the armorys vault has a terrible. Damon and enzo entered the armorys occult vault to remedy a crisis after damon used the armory to defeat rayna.

Spoilers nina dobrev returned to choose between stefan and damon once and for all so did she. The vampire diaries actor who previously dated his tvd onscreen love interest, nina dobrev was very pragmatic when asked about whether damon and elena should get their happy ending in the. On july 23, 2016, the cw announced that the upcoming season would be the series last and would consist of 16 episodes. Season 3 will be available on dvd and bluray on september 11 and a and on september 5, 2012, for regions 4 and b. Ian somerhalder and michael malarkey on the final season. It will be a homecoming of sorts in the final season of the vampire diaries. The vampire diaries concluded its eightseason run on friday with a whirlwind finale that should have you alternating between sobbing and grinning. At the beginning of the series, elena appears to be a regular human girl, but is then revealed to be a petrova doppelganger. Although the beloved series will be coming to an end after its eighth season, tvd fans can rest assured that nina dobrev will return. During the vampire diaries first season, it was all about elena and stefans love story. This story contains spoilers from the vampire diaries series finale, i was feeling epic.

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